Practical Entomologist

Bitwater Farms is seeking a Practical Entomologist to help lead scientific innovation in the large-scale industrial rearing of cricket. Position is nationally-based; may require relocation or travel.

Key Responsibilities

  • Assist in design of rearing processes for all cricket life cycle stages
  • Monitor cricket colonies for health and robustness
  • Identify areas for innovation / optimization of process and practice
  • Conduct R&D to verify hypotheses and outcomes
  • Provide scientific expertise in the development of white papers and grant proposals

Preferred Education and experience

  • Graduate degree in Entomology or related discipline required, special consideration for Ph.D. or Ph.D. candidates
  • Laboratory experience, including: analytical weighing, liquid transfer, sample preparation, serial dilution, treatment application, test evaluation and collection of data
  • Experience with bioassay design and insect behavior
  • Familiarity or experience in safely working with live insects, including insect rearing and breeding        
  • Familiarity with and interest in conducting greenhouse, controlled environment chamber, and/or field trials
  • Experience writing scientific reports and group presentations of experimental results
  • Experience with statistical analysis and analytical software
  • Experience working in both team and individual settings - must be able to self-start, direct, and manage, when appropriate

Pay Range

Commensurate with experience - room to advance, grow and lead.

To apply, email us your CV / resume, or click "Apply Now"