Leverage your existing farm spaces

Our cricket grows in modular habitats that you can stack in barns or outdoors

You manage as many habitats as you need using available space - we'll help you figure it out

We provide retrofitting kits and services to modify barns and outdoor spaces

Put your waste stream to work 

cricket eats a variety of plant waste - we'll help you fit them into your farming system

Cricket gives you 1 pound of protein for every 1.3 pounds of feed, on average

Cricket consumes as little as one gallon of water per pound of protein yield

Feed your cricket to poultry and fish

Each cricket harvest cycle (approximately 6 weeks) provides you with new, fresh feed

Cricket requires minimal processing when provided to poultry or fish as feed

Maintain integrity of organic livestock by providing organic waste to cricket

Become more self-sufficient by growing your own high-protein poultry and fish feed on-site

Sell back the cricket you don't use

affordable, high-protein feed is in demand - we'll buy back what you don't use

At a large scale, this can become a whole new revenue stream for all types of farms

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