Cricket is high in protein and nutritious

Cricket is suitable as a replacement for protein feed for both poultry and fish

Cricket is 60% or more protein by weight

Cricket is high in omega fatty acids, iron, zinc and other micro-nutrients

Cricket has a complete amino acid profile that is comparable to soy

Cricket is ultra efficient

Cricket needs little water to grow and less feed per pound than any other animal protein

Cricket can thrive on as little as 1 gallon of water per pound of protein grown

This small water footprint can often be met with rain water alone

Cricket provides up to 1 pound of protein for every 1.3 pounds of feed, on average

Cricket provides multiple value chains

Cricket can be used as feed, food, and produces valuable manure and Extracts

In addition to livestock feed, cricket can be sold to food manufacturers for human consumption

Cricket manure is nutrient rich fertilizer (4-2-2 NPK)

Chitosan and other extracts can be derived from cricket and sold to industry

There is actually a market for people - but it's small

There are more than a dozen retail products for people to eat Cricket Flour

Cricket Flour is perfectly safe for humans, but not everyone has a taste for it yet

Your cricket farm will be ready to expand as demand in this market grows