Safe, healthy protein for your poultry and fish

provide ample amounts of high-protein feed ON-Site, Lowering acquisition costs

Cricket provides more protein than soy and corn, while using less than 1% of the water inputs

Cricket is high in nutrients and has a complete amino acid profile

Cricket is naturally eaten by poultry and fish in the wild

Save money and make money - from waste

Farmers need to save more than ever and cricket reduces feed costs 

Cricket is not dependent on specific feed - your farm's waste stream may provide the majority of what cricket consumes

By growing cricket on-site you turn your waste into valuable protein - saving money in the short and long term

Got extra cricket? Make money selling back the surplus

Cricket leaves a small footprint

Growing cricket on-site reduces Feed transportation costs and impact and saves Water

Cricket manure can be recycled into fertilizer for your other crops

Your farm will be on the forefront of "next generation" crops, which are growing quickly