From our family to yours

Bitwater Farms is a small company based in Sacramento, California.  We started this venture because we know that farmers have to continue to produce high-quality food to keep the people we love healthy and happy.  Sadly, we know that there are some real issues facing today's farmer, including terrible drought.  That's why our family is committed to helping farmers grow more with less.

Research and passion intersect

Our small team set out to find the best ultra-low-water crops and develop technologies and processes to make them easier to grow. We have carefully researched how cricket (and other insect crops) can be used for feeding livestock, fish and - yes, actually - even people. What we found was incredible.  Insects are impressive creatures that basically convert waste into protein and iron and nutrients using very little feed and extremely small amounts of water.  So, we worked behind the scenes for months to crack the code of how farmers could grow this crop safely and efficiently. 

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