sustainability at infrastructure scale

Insect farming reduces - even eliminates - transportation of ingredients for animal feed, which means no shipping costs and no carbon emissions from shipping.  Insects utilize food waste streams for feed and use water very efficiently.

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high-value ingredients for feed and food

Insects provide protein, lipids and micronutrients - key building blocks of any healthy diet.  Our equipment grows crickets, which are adaptable for feed and for food.  Nutritionally, crickets are comparable to fishmeal and suitable for use in poultry and fish feed.


Proving sustainability at our farm lab

Our 10,000 sqft farm lab in Western North Carolina is home to 35 automated cricket habitats, and our lab, where we develop sensors and cricket feed from waste including spent brewers grain.

Modular Habitats / Automated Environments

We build systems that integrate industrial-scale insect rearing habitats with environmental controllers that are programmed from the cloud. All Bitwater systems include analytics and api access.